Solutio Environmental, Inc. provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to resolve complex industrial and regulatory issues through our integrated technology-based environmental products and services.

We provide in-house environmental compliance solutions few other environmental companies can boast. Our from-scratch development makes every solution tailored to our clients' needs, without reliance on outside projects. We develop without reliance on open source platforms or online databases, so that all our work is secure.

At Solutio, our strength comes from the people we employ, and the knowledge they use and share everyday. We pride ourselves on our subject experts and the teams they make up.

Environmental Compliance Support Systems & Services

Solutio's main function is to provide environmental air quality compliance assistance to our clients. We have experts in air quality regulations from the National Evironmental Protection Act (NEPA), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), General Conformity Applicability Analysis (GCAA), and other applicable laws regarding air quality. Our air quality NEPA specialist has ten years of experience with the air quality Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP). Our expertise, coupled with the tools we develop, greatly increase the efficiency of environmental assessments. Additionally, we provide and host dedicated training on regulation requirements and technical support.

We have a dedicated Value Engineering team whose task is to improve air quality compliance. They assess current polutant mitigation methods to verify and improve regulation compliance, and they also provide comprehensive emissions permitting and auditing.

Such support includes regulatory and permitting evaluations, air quality impact analyses, criteria pollutant and green house gas emission inventory and calculations, and determining federal and state emission thresholds. Our support extends beyond document analysis and pencil pushing, we conduct on-site investigations and assessments, sampling analysis, and hold off-site training.

Software Use & Development and Technical Support

Solutio's software and development team leads the way in the creation of our environmental models. Our software development capabilities are diverse and thorough. We develop for whatever operating system our clients require, with maintenance costs that are low to no cost at all.

Additionally, our graphic design team specializes in making customized brochures, posters, and flyers for events, occasions, and operations. As part of our own training, and for client training needs, we also prepare professional presentations, abiding by design needs and specifications.

Besides expertise in our own software, our team is trained in a variety of software tools and programs. These tools include, but are not limited to, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), document and spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, photo editing and vector drawing tools such as Affinity, etc.