Work With Us

Solutio Environmental Inc. employs a wide range of talented individuals, each dedicated to environmental service.

Being a small, family-owned company means intimate collaboration and hands-on support from leaders.

From executives to interns, we support each other in achieving company goals.

Why work with us?

  • Competitive salary and benefits,
  • Collaborative, supportive team environment,
  • Meaningful work that makes a real impact,
  • Flexible work arrangements & remote work options.

It also has a few other benefits

Office furniture and supplies are top end. Chairs so ergonomic, back pain has never been a thought

Private company parking on a gated lot right outside the office means cars are safe, secure, and accessible

The 7am to 4pm company schedule allows employees to escape the peak of rush hour traffic, offering an improved work-life balance

As an intern, Solutio understands school is the first priority and allows for flexible working hours and breaks

All employees actively participate in company projects, working together as scientists and engineers

Solutio provides various oppurtunities for personal and professional growth

Here at Solutio there are many places to find a niche...




...but no one ever stays inside just one box!


Solutio resides within the heart of historic San Antonio, only a 15 minute walk to the Pearl brewery, River Walk, and the Alamo.

Sound like the right fit for you? Contact us and meet the Solutio team!