About Us

Since our founding in 2008, Solutio Environmental, Inc. has risen to be the best-in-class leader in bridging information technology (IT) and environmental consulting for both the private and public industry sectors.

Solutio is a small, veteran-owned business that specializes in providing total and innovative solutions for our clients' environmental needs. We address today's complex environmental issues and requirements through the development, implementation, and maintenance of environmental software systems and technologies specifically designed, by us, to our clients' unique circumstances.

As a complement to our technical services, we guide our clients through the intricate emerging environmental issues and compliance regulations applicable to their particular industry.

Our expertise in applicable laws, regulations, rules, orders, agreements, and policies provides our clients with relevant and current guidance to address new rules and to manage change at their facilities.

With over ten years of industry experience, Solutio strives to create long-term value for customers allowing maximum flexibility and sustained environmental responsibility.

The synergy between our IT and environmental expertise enables extraordinarily effective solutions not independently obtainable.